Mackenzie Blizzard's Magnificent Quest

Powder Magazine recently wrote an article on Mackenzie Blizzard, a talented ski racer based out of Proctor Academy who regularly trains with us at Ragged Mountain. She has faced some major challenges at a young age and it is inspiring to follow her unique story. Check it out below…

‘Mackenzie “Kenzie” Blizzard has the best name in all ski racing—even better than a certain Ms. Street’s, I’d argue (sorry, Picabo).

She has also had one of the roughest drags with health problems of any ski racer in history.

When she was six years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and mitochondrial disease—after having a stroke during a swimming competition.

These set-backs aren’t just a one-time thing. They are niggling her at every step, every day of her life. She lives with a constant headache. She’s often in pain. But she busts forward through the challenges, showing all of us how important role models like her are. And she has huge, very important plans.

Did I mention, she’s just 14?

I caught up with Kenzie at NASTAR Nationals recently in Snowmass (where she won every race she was in), and she offered me more details….’

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