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Come join us: Accept the Mission!

Ragged's mission to make skiing and snowboarding affordable for everyone is back for the 2020-21 Season with our Mission: Affordable MA XtraSeason Pass! 

The countdown to final savings is on!  You have exactly:

the countdown is on

There have been significant disruptions from the coronavirus for all of us.  Due to these extenuating circumstances, Ragged Mountain has added support for our guests to comfortably and confidently make a season pass purchase.  During these unprecedented times, Ragged Mountain wants to make it easy and affordable for everyone to own a Mission: Affordable XTRA Season Pass to ensure next winter is active and enjoyable for you on the slopes with all of your family and friends. To facilitate that objective, we have rolled out a one time Pass Deferral Offer. 

Season Pass Deferral Offer

As we move past the peak of concerns about the coronavirus, we understand some might still have questions about any potential impact on next ski season.  To help make your decision about purchasing a Mission: Affordable season pass easier in every respect than ever before, we are allowing a one-time deferral of usage for a year if a pass holder later becomes concerned about any impacts of the coronavirus on the 2020/2021 season.

− Anyone who buys a Mission: Affordable season pass for the 2020/2021 season can choose to request to defer the use of the pass until the 2021/2022 season
− The request must be made by sending an email stating the request between October 1 st and November 25th, 2020, and the request must include the pass holder name and the number on the pass
− This is not an offer of a cash refund or any other credit offer and only applies to the one time deferral of a 2020/2021 season pass in exchange for a 2021/2022 season pass
− The pass will be moved to the 2021/2022 winter season at no charge, regardless of a season pass price increase

    We hope this Deferral Offer allows you to make a decision to purchase your Mission: Affordable season pass for the 2020/2021 ski and snowboard season with confidence and comfort.  Our mission really is to make skiing and snowboarding as affordable and accessible as possible, and to provide a wonderful atmosphere in which you can enjoy your time in the fresh mountain air while you create memories at Ragged Mountain that last a lifetime.  Come join us.  Accept the Mission!


    • No Blackout Dates!
    • Mission: Affordable XTRA benefits include:
      • Access to all Pacific Group Resorts across North America
      • 4 Buddy Tickets, valid for a $49 lift ticket with no blackout dates, honored at all Pacific Group Resorts ski areas!
    • New England Resort Reciprocal Program
    • Mountain Biking at Highlands Mountain Bike Park
    • It’s the best deal in all of New England!

    Please fill out our LIABILITY WAIVER to expedite your Season Pass pickup process. 

    2020-21 Season Pass Pricing

      May 4
    September 7
    September 8
    October 18 
    October 19
    End of 2020-21 Winter Season 
    Season Pass - Ages 6 - 79* $399 $499 $599

    *A one-time $5 RFID card fee applies to all new passholders.  Ages 5 and under receive a complimentary season pass with a $20 processing fee assessed annually.

    Additional Passholder Benefits:

    Buddy Tickets

    As a Mission: Affordable passholder you will receive 4 Buddy Tickets valid for a $49 lift ticket any day at any Pacific Group Resorts ski area throughout the 2020-21 winter season. Passholder must be present to redeem Buddy Tickets. There are no blackout dates on Buddy Tickets.  

    Sister Resort Reciprocal Program

    When you purchase your Mission: Affordable Season Pass to Ragged Mountain Resort, you are also gaining access to all Pacific Group Resorts across North America.

    New England Resort Reciprocal Program

    Mountain Biking at Highland Mountain Bike Park

    • Located in Northfield, NH (Exit 19 off of I-93)
    • 50% off Monday – Friday Day Tickets, 25% off Saturday and Sunday Day Tickets at window rate. Not valid for online purchases. 
    • 1-time $109 (reg $129) Find Your Ride Program session. This learn-to program is the best way to try the sport of downhill mountain biking. Advanced Registration Required
    • To schedule your session email FYRide@highlandmountain.com or call (603) 286–7677
    • Must show receipt of 2019-20 Ragged Mountain Resort season pass and a Valid ID
    • Before going to Highland, go to their website and read their strict waiver policy. This policy is especially important for children under the age of 18.

    TERMS & CONDITIONS - Season Passes:

    • Season Passes are non-transferable and non-refundable.
    • If anyone is caught using another person’s Season Pass, the pass will be confiscated and voided for the remainder of the ski season without refund or compensation. 
    • Fraudulent use of a Season Pass constitutes Theft of Services under NH State Law, Chapter 637:8.
    • Passes are calculated based on the age of the pass holder as of January 15, 2021.
    • A one-time $5.00 RFID card fee applies to all new Season Pass purchases.
    • Renewing Season Pass Holders will use their RFID card initially issued - no processing required! 
    • A $25 fee applies for any lost or replaced pass.
    • The opening day of the ski season and the closing day of the ski season are weather dependent each year. Due to the weather dependent nature of the sport, the length of the ski season cannot be guaranteed, and no refunds are given due to weather conditions affecting the length of the ski season.