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Terrain Park

Meticulously designed and maintained by Ragged Mountain’s Park Team, our terrain parks are known for the innovative craftsmanship of features and layout. This dedication has garnered a reputation as one of the best throughout the Northeast. Come try it for yourself and establish your own STYLE!

Skill-building yet fun, all ability levels are welcome.

Please remember park safety and etiquette, and check out Smart Style to learn more!

About The Park

We have three parks to help you hone and practice your skills!

If you’re just getting into skiing or riding the terrain park, Barnyard is the spot for you! This is our progression park, located off the Barnyard Triple, and is complete with a handful of small features for you to get comfortable on.

This park is maintained daily by our dedicated Park Crew, so if you have any questions about the proper use of the features or correct terrain park etiquette, feel free to ask one of them!

Lower Chute BX:
Lower Chute Boardercross is a fantastic spot for intermediate and advanced riders. It offers 14 medium berms and roller features, with a proper 4x pull-in starting gate. This crowd favorite hosts a number of USASA-sanctioned events and our “Not Another Banked Slalom” snowboard race in mid-March that is open to the public.

Wild Side:
Wild Side is our main terrain park offering our biggest features. Also a fantastic spot for intermediate and advanced riders, Wild Side has been home to our rail garden, featuring hand-built rails by our Park crew, which is followed up by a large jump line.

Rail Jams & Events

Rail Jam: Let’s see if you can make it down looking steezy, making our jumps won’t be easy. Rail Jam is a jib contest where skiers and snowboarders perform tricks on rails, boxes, pipes, towers, wall rides, etc. Rail Jams usually have thee feature choices for the rider to hit on a run. Every rider takes as many run as as time allows.

Slopestyle: Slopestyle is a winter sport in which athletes ski or snowboard down a course including a variety of obstacles including rails, jumps and other terrain park features. Slopestyle tricks fall mainly into four categories: spins, grinds, grabs and flips. Most tricks done in competition are a combination of these.

Terrain Park Hip BW

Smart Style

We’re all about going big, but we’re also all about doing so safely. Smart Style is the standard for safety and success at terrain parks nationwide. 

Check out this chart for a quick breakdown before you ride through the park.

To learn more about terrain park safety, follow this link to Smart Style’s web page. 

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