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Friday, January 25, 2019

Back To Winter!

After the quick thaw that Mother Nature threw our way, we're happy to be staring at a forecast for the coming week that looks a lot more like winter! Headed into the weekend, we're looking forward to sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 20's to mid 30's. Talk about a difference from the 50 degree day we had on Thursday!

With the return to cold temperatures, anyone who visited us today may have noticed some snowmakers scurrying around to get Exhibition set back up for snowmaking operations. Following the warm weather, they're going to be working hard to help build up some more of those piles. Our groomers will be working hard too, pushing around the new snow and laying down that beautiful corduroy that we all love so much. Even with those warm temps and that clear precipitation, our surface is skiing as good as ever!

We're also amped about all the hard work that the Terrain Park Crew has been putting in over on Wild Side and Wild Ride. The top half of the terrain park is scheduled to open up tomorrow with three jumps and a hip. The team has certainly outdone themselves over there this year, and we're looking forward to seeing you all get sendy in the park. Be sure to mention @ragged_parks on Instagram, and as always, we'll see you on the slopes!

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