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Friday, December 07, 2018

The Groomers Are Getting Things Ready

*UPDATE* Both Upper Ridge and Headwall will be open today!

The past 24hrs have seen a shift from snowmaking to grooming on Upper Ridge, Lower Ridge, Barnyard and Headwall. The groomers has been working their blades and will be dropping the tillers soon to get those trails open for some fresh turns on Saturday morning!

In the meantime, snowmaking is planning their next move to Spear Peak as temps stay favorable into next week. We’ll keep updating as the team works their magic!

For conditions right now, the snow is fast and grippy. Perfect for early season leg conditioning. Set those edges and ride them through to your next turn. Get your balance points right and be ready for the next big storm!

Speaking of edges… Just a friendly reminder that if your gear needs some love, go talk to Eddie or Kyle in the Ragged Edge Tuning and Repair shop. They can get your board or skis back in shape so you can fully enjoy this amazing start to the season. But, they can also do some pretty amazing repairs, so if you have that unfortunate stop in the woods they can help. Go stop in and say hi, they’re right down in the rental department.

We’ll see you on the mountain!

Last Edited by Ben Hall on Friday, December 07, 2018