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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Go Home Mother Nature... You're Drunk!

Well, it's been an interesting past 24 hours. Mother Nature thought she would play some Jimmy Buffet, and while sipping some margaritas she obviously turned up the heat... way to much.

Fortunately our team makes SNOW, and when they make it they make a lot of it. The team got to work early and have been able to quickly get Ragged Peak back in shape and it will be opening this morning. Love to see those four groomers in action, including our new Bison-X.

There is a bit more work to do to get Barnyard and Spear open, but the team has already moved efforts to those two areas. Keep posted to our Slope Report as we continue to update.

Looking ahead, snowmaking will resume this evening and Mother Nature looks like she will be returning to her normal winter self and might grace us with some natural snow.

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